CeTePox® – Hardeners


NameCharacteristicsBenzyl- alcohol- freeSalicylic acid- freeViscosity 25 °C appr. [mPas] ⁵⁾H-Active-Equivalent Weight [g/Eq.]Temp. Increase 23 °C → 40 °C appr. [min] ¹⁾Properties and Fields of Application
1312 FS HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine-36066114< 224similar to CeTePox® 1312 NF H, for food and potable water contact
1385 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine-604985< 226hardener for coatings with good through-cure and low yellowing properties; a minimum curing temperature of 15°C is mandatory !
1393 NF HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine-235⁴⁾50³⁾93< 229standard hardener for diverse applications (e.g. primer, coating, top-coat).
1410 NF HModified heterocyclic polyamine400⁴⁾5095< 55fast curing mortar coatings, adhesives, putties, tar-epoxy-systems
1502 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine, accelerated-25055³⁾102< 223hardener with low yellowing tendency; compared with CeTePox® 1385 H, improved through-cure and water spotting resistance; for decorative coatings, stone carpets
1587 NF HEP-stabilised aliphatic polyamine2505087< 436stabilised hardener with good general properties and longer pot-life for warmer climates
1588 HPolymeric, cycloaliphatic polyamine, accelerated--35050³⁾93< 215standard hardener for diverse applications with outstanding water spotting resistance
1588 L HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine-24050³⁾93< 230non-accelerated version of CeTePox® 1588 H
1613 HMannich-base, accelerator200--< 7-acceleration of epoxy hardeners (2-5 w.-% addition); in special cases for epoxy polymerisation
1614 NF HPolymeric Mannich-base 53040³⁾75max. 412low-viscous fast-setting hardener with focus on low temperature curing; for chemical-resistant coatings and epoxy mortars
1650 HPolymeric Mannich-base 70040³⁾75max. 515solvent-free chemical resistant epoxy system; for food and potable water contact
1951-01 HEP-stabilised polyamidoamine, accelerated--60060³⁾115< 1030BPA free and Salicylic acid reduced (< 3%) version of CeTePox® 1951 H, for critical substrates and rear moisture applications
1963 HEP-stabilised polyamidoamine, accelerated45060³⁾115< 1034low-viscous, emission-poor version of CeTePox® 1951-01 H, free from critical raw materials; suitable for AgBB
1976-02 NF HEP-stabilised flexibilised polyamines1,500110-133³⁾254max. 824flexibilising hardener; for flexible coatings, (joint) sealants etc.
VP 767-50 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine-18550²⁾90< 128low-viscous hardener with low yellowing tendency; decorative flooring applications
VP 1728-9 HEP-stabilised araliphatic polyamine-35048³)88< 617stabilised polyamine hardener yielding excellent resistance to chemicals
VP 2109-15 HModified (cyclo)aliphatic polyamine-7550³)95< 323extreme low-viscous hardener for economical primer applications
1048 HAccelerated EP-stabilised polyamine502748<520Very low-viscous, highly reactive hardener for fast-setting epoxy system applications at lower temperatures; as well as for the acceleration of other epoxy hardeners; CMR and Salicylic acid free version of CeTePox® VP 1570-29 H
1393-05 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine, accelerated-30050³)93<519accelerated version of CeTePox® 1393 NF H, Salicylic acid free !
1396-01 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine-10050³)96<235hardener with low viscosity profile and good water spotting resistance; high fillable; Salicylic acid free version of CeTePox® 1396 H
1472 HModified araliphatic polyamine, accelerated15040³)75<1015low-viscous fast-setting hardener with mannich-base-like through-cure and excellent film appearance, Salicylic acid free version of CeTePox® VP 388-69 H
1474 HModified araliphatic polyamine, accelerated25040³)74<812low-viscous fast-setting hardener with initial cure properties as mannich-bases, Salicylic acid free version of CeTePox® VP 2203-27 H
1511-01 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine20045³)83<250emission-free hardener (without modifier) with excellent general properties; Salicylic acid free version of CeTePox® 1511 H
1537-01 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine, accelerated -17050³)95<222hardener with similar characteristics profile as CeTePox® 1588 H; Salicylic acid free version of CeTePox® 1537 H
1588-01 HPolymeric, cycloaliphatic polyamine, accelerated--26050³)96<221Salicylic acid reduced (< 3%) version of CeTePox® 1588 H
1594-01 HEP-stabilised cycloaliphatic polyamine, accelerated-13050³)94<330Low-viscous hardener with good through-cure performance, Salicylic acid free version of CeTePox® 1594 H
1950 HEP-stabilised polyamidoamine-1,50060³)115<10primers for difficult, damp-tolerant substrates with outstanding adhesion properties

All above-mentioned CeTePox® – Hardeners are Nonylphenol free !

1) Temperature increase from 23 °C to 40 °C/100 ml mixture (insulated beaker)

2) with 100 g CeTePox® 152 R, EEW = 182 g/eq.

3) with 100 g CeTePox® 245 R;

4) at 23 °C

5) DIN EN ISO 3219