Waterborne CeTePox® & Epotec® – Epoxy Binders

CeTePox® & Epotec® – Hardeners


NameCharacteristicsViscosity DIN EN ISO 3219 25 °C appr. [Pas]Recom-mended Quantity of Hardener [g] ²⁾H-Active-Equivalent Weight in Delivery Form [g/Eq.]Gardner Colour Index ISO 4630Pot-Life [min] ¹⁾Properties and Fields of Application
CeTePox® 1921 HModified Polyamidoamine, 50 % in water18100210max. 12120⁴⁾Water reducible hardener; for water reducible primers and (finishing) coatings
CeTePox® 2315 HWater-reducible modified cycloaliphatic Polyamine, 80 % in water1875145< 645³⁾Universally applicable hardener for water-reducible primers and (finishing) coatings, industrial lacquers, corrosion protection
CeTePox® 2419 HWater-reducible modified cycloaliphatic Polyamine, 70 % in water14.5105214< 6120⁴⁾Water reducible hardener; for water reducible primers and (finishing) coatings, mortars, with pot-life indication
Epotec® THW 4506Modified Epoxy Amine Adduct, 60 % in water3115230890⁴⁾Epoxy Cement Systems (ECC) and for putty. Moisture mitigation systems
Epotec® THW 4508Modified high molecular weight Epoxy Amine Adduct, 70 % in water301002001245⁴⁾High quality primers, top coat for concrete, metal protection and OEM
Epotec® THW 4509High molecular Epoxy Amine Adduct Emulsion, 55 % in water7.5150300Emulsion n.a.90⁴⁾Coatings, Floorings, High Layer thickness
Epotec® THW 4510Modified high molecular weight Epoxy Amine Adduct, 60 % in water22.520⁵⁾227max. 6300⁵⁾High quality primers with CeTePox® 484 R , floor paints, metal protection and OEM

1) 100 ml mixture (insulated beaker), 50 % mixture solid content

2) with CeTePox® 245 R

3) no visible viscosity increase

4) visible viscosity increase with CeTePox® 245 R, solid content of mixture 50 w.-%

5) with CeTePox® 484 R The current product specifications can be taken from our Technical Data Sheets (TDS) or the respective Quality Control Certificates (QCC).