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You are looking for a product to fix large-area textiles without additional equipment?

FabFix™ Blue and FabFix™ Clear combine easy handling with strong adhesion! Our FabFix™ Spray adhesives are packed in handy spray cans and allow application of spray adhesive by hand.

FabFix™ Blue and FabFix™ Clear are epoxy based spray adhesives and are perfectly suited for preparation and fixation of preforms. Never mind if you are using epoxy or vinyl ester resin our FabFix™ Spray adhesives are compatible with your favored handy-lay-up, Infusion or RTM systems.

FabFix™ Blue offers fast visual detection and control of applied amount of spray adhesive due to its blue color. FabFix™ Clear is optimally suitable for optically sophisticated components.


No matter if railway-, aerospace-, automotive- or marine- applications, in all areas the fire protection of composite parts is getting higher attention.

With CeTePox® AM 3661 A/B CTP Advanced Materials GmbH is providing a highly filled epoxy gelcoat for various fire protection applications.

The protective layer can either be applied as gelcoat directly into the mold or be used as a topcoat, by varnishing the ready-made composite part. The system can be applied by a roller in arbitrary thickness, typically in the range of 0,5 up to 1 mm. By heating to 40 – 60 °C the viscosity of the product can be reduced, in order to enable the spraying of the material.

Composites, being protected with CeTePox® AM 3661 A/B, are able to pass various national and international fire standards, like ASTM E 84, DIN EN 45545, DIN 4102, IMO FTP 3.


TDS CeTePox® AM 3661 A/B

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Dieses niedrigviskose Epoxidharzsystem ist schwer entflammbar. Da es im Gegensatz zu den allermeisten am Markt verfügbaren Harzsystemen frei von festen Flammschutzmitteln ist, kann es problemlos für Harzinjektions- bzw. Infusionsverfahren eingesetzt werden, wobei die Oberflächenqualität und Transparenz daraus hergestellter Bauteile sehr gut sind.

Die Harzkomponente XP 345 A kann mit diversen Härtern kombiniert werden, um speziellen Anforderungen an Härtungsbedingungen, Zykluszeit oder thermischer Stabilität gerecht zu werden.

Bei besonders hohen Anforderungen an das Brandverhalten bzw. die Rauchgasdichte ist es möglich, durch den Zusatz geringer Mengen fester Flammschutzmittel die Beständigkeit daraus hergestellter Composites erheblich zu steigern und somit den Anforderungen des Schienenfahrzeubaues, speziell der EN 45545 zu entsprechen.

Darüber hinaus bieten wir Ihnen bei Bedarf Brandschutzgelcoats sowie leistungsstarke Prepregsysteme für höchste Brandschutzanforderungen an, welche für die Anforderungen des Schienenfahrzeugbaues, der Luftfahrtindustrie oder des Schiffbaues sehr gut geeignet sind.

TDS CeTePox® AM XP 345 A/B

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We would like to inform you that the labelling of salicylic acid (CAS 69-72-7) will change as of May 1, 2020. This change corresponds to regulation (EU) 2018/1480 of October 4, 2018 of the European Parliament, amended for the purpose of adapting it to the current technical and scientific progress, regulation (EG) No. 1272/2008 of the European Parliament and the European Council regarding the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures as well as the amendment of regulation (EU) 2017/776 of the European Commission.

According to the new classification (H361d / Repr. 2) of salicylic acid as a reprotoxic substance, all products that contain more than 3% salicylic acid are marked with the pictogram GHS 08 (health hazard).

As with all dangerous substances, salicylic acid must be specified in section 3 of the safety data sheet if the content in products already marked as dangerous is above 0.1%. This means that if the salicylic acid content is between 0.1% and 3%, the GHS08 pictogram does not appear on the labels, but the raw material salicylic acid is listed in section 3 of the safety data sheet.

As soon as we were informed of these changes, we made great efforts to develop products with a reduced (<3%) or even completely replaced salicylic acid content.

Below is a list of our newly developed products:

Products containing salicylic acid Products with reduced salicylic acid content Products free of salicylic acid
CeTePox® VP 2203-27 H CeTePox® 1474-01 H CeTePox® 1474 H
CeTePox® VP 388-69 H CeTePox® 1472 H
CeTePox® 1588 H CeTePox® 1588-01 H
CeTePox® 1594 H CeTePox® 1594-01 H
CeTePox® 1393-08 NF H CeTePox® 1393-05 H
CeTePox® 1396 H CeTePox® 1396-01 H
CeTePox® 1537 H CeTePox® 1537-01 H

Here you can find more information about the new developments.

Präsentation VP 2203-27 H vs 1474 H

Präsentation 1594 H vs 1594-01 H

Präsentation 1393-08 NF H vs 1393-05 H

Präsentation 1396 H vs 1396-01 H

Präsentation 1537 H vs. 1537-01 H

In addition to these already optimized options, other binders from our portfolio are affected as well! We will continue working on other alternatives and technical solutions to this problem.

Please check, whether this new hazardous substance classification and the associated change in labelling are relevant for your company.

If you need technical support, further technical information, samples or TDS of the above products, please send your request to