Product safety .

The evaluation of substances and mixtures as well as the guarantee of their safe manufacture and use are regulated by numerous regulations. For CTP Advanced Materials, compliance with all relevant regulations is a top priority. REACH and CLP affect us just like many other chemical companies. As an actor (importer and downstream user) in the supply chain, we always monitor which regulatory developments affect our source materials and products.

Here you will find basic, general information, summaries and explanations about the legislation. These give you an overview of the essential requirements, obligations and the most important deadlines when it comes to the implementation. The specific requirements a company has to meet depend on

  1. whether it is a manufacturer, importer or user;
  2. how much of a substance is produced, imported or used;
  3. whether a substance is of particular concern.

According to the REACH regulation, every company must register all substances that it produces or imports in a quantity of more than one ton per year. This also applies to the import of compound substances. For registration, a technical dossier must be submitted to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which contains information about the properties, use and classification of a substance as well as guidelines for its safe use. The information requirements increase primarily with the production volume, but also depend on what exposure is to be expected, which reduces the requirements for intermediate products.

Substances with certain risk properties can be added to the candidate list and their use may be subject to an approval process. It is also possible to regulate potentially hazardous use cases through restrictions. (Annex XIV REACH VO)

Within the supply chain, information such as the properties of substances and compounds, their use and exposure as well as risk management measures are exchanged. A key communication tool for this purpose is the extended safety data sheet (eSDS).

According to the CLP Regulation, substances and mixtures have to be classified according to certain criteria and labelled with danger symbols and warnings.

Product-specific information can be found in our SDS and RDS (regulatory data sheet).